The biathlon world champion can help you too to achieve your sporting goals!

Whether you are new to sport, an ambitious amateur sportsperson or a top athlete – Dominik Landertinger Performance offers you individual support and training plans for your chosen sport and for an active life!


Dominik Landertinger is a four-time Olympic medallist, a five-time Biathlon World Championship medallist and world champion who has made it onto 37 World Cup podiums in the course of his career, and – measured in terms of precious metals at major events – is Austria's most successful biathlete.

With the same passion and attention to detail with which he achieved his sporting successes, the former top athlete is now passing on his experience to amateur and professional athletes: “I celebrated lots of successes, but also had to contend with defeats and injuries. So I know where to start." While still competing in major events, Dominik was already laying the foundations for his new project by taking part in various courses to become a trainer: "Of course, I gained my most valuable experience by competing in the actual sports, and this is what I would now like to pass on to other people."

The idea

Dominik Landertinger Performance

My mission

To pass on the knowledge that I have acquired in competitive sports over a period of two decades to motivated amateur sportspeople and top athletes!

Our vision

We fully believe that amateur athletes can benefit from the training-related knowledge of competitive athletes. Everyone's body is different, so individualised support is required. In this way, we can achieve what at first seems impossible!


Individual as your body

Basic performance


Top performance


High performance


Basic performance

Price per month
€ 82,-

Do you want to make changes, start a sportier, healthier and above all fitter life, or maybe even tackle your first half marathon, but you have no idea of how to approach your sporting goal? Dominik Landertinger Performance can motivate you to improve your general health and achieve your sporting goals. Just as your requirements for reaching the finishing line will be different from the next person's, so too can your training plan be adapted to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Amateur athlete
Training plan

Train anywhere and communicate successes


Top performance

Price per month
€ 420,-

Are you an ambitious amateur athlete with countless kilometres and innumerable metres of cumulative elevation gain already under your belt every year, but your sporting goals still seem a long way off? Would you like to beat your personal best at the next marathon and prepare yourself like a true professional with me at your side?

The top performance package offers you comprehensive training planning: performance diagnostics provide information on your current physical condition and your individual training needs. The package also includes a physiotherapy assessment that shows any muscle imbalance. We use this data to get started and agree on your individual training programme!

ambitious hobby athletes
Performance diagnostics, Training plan, Physiotherapy assessment

Train anywhere and communicate successes


High performance

Price per month
on request

Of course, I also want to pass on my 22 years of experience in professional sports to competitive athletes or very ambitious amateur athletes who want to push themselves further in high performance sport. In this package, we tackle each athlete's requirements, comprehensively and individually, from A to Z.

ambitious hobby athletes, professional athletes
Performance diagnostics, Training plan, Physiotherapy assessment, Full support

Train anywhere and communicate successes


Additional packages

Performance diagnostics

Sports-specific tests provide the information needed for identifying performance limits and defining precise training needs.

We have a very special place for our performance diagnostics: the treadmill in the Hochfilzen biathlon stadium is a unique piece of high-tech equipment on which lactate threshold tests with VO2 max measurements and spirometry tests can be carried out for a wide variety of sports.

Physiotherapy assessment

The physiotherapy assessment is a cornerstone of targeted training management in that it allows us to devise the best possible, most individual training programme for the athlete concerned. Following the performance diagnostics, my partner, physiotherapist Martin Kulaita, checks our customers for imbalances and incorrect weightbearing in the musculoskeletal system. These parameters too are then incorporated into the development of an individual therapy and training plan.


In addition to the three major packages, performance diagnostics and physiotherapy assessment, we also offer consultations that can be booked individually. Here, we are happy to hold initial discussions, analyse your training plans or work together to define your sporting goals.


Natural taste for fitness


AlpenPower was founded in Austria in 2017 with the aim of developing sports nutrition and functional foods of the highest organic quality. We do not compromise when it comes to selecting our ingredients – the type and origin of each raw ingredient is carefully checked. With our organic whey protein made from milk from grazing cows, we have broken new ground and sent out a clear message. AlpenPower – natural, organic sports nutrition without additives. Nature provides us with everything we need, and we believe that staying natural is the most important sign of a high-quality product.

We want to make fitness enthusiasts think about what they eat, and we want to be better than anything else on the market. Questioning the status quo is important to us, and this applies above all to the type and origin of every raw ingredient. For us, quality means staying natural – and that's why we use only natural, ecologically sustainable raw ingredients. Whether it's milk from Alpine cows or raw cocoa from Peru: as local as possible, as global as necessary. We want to offer a healthy, sustainable alternative, and for us, organic farming is the only way to go.

Company Health

Promotion in the area of exercise and sports

We, Dominik Landertinger Performance, would like to accompany you and your employees to promote your health through exercise and sports. In our work we focus on the musculoskeletal and the cardiovascular systems.

Strengthen the health of employees, improve their well-being, and achieve the ultimate goal of reducing illness in the workplace – all this is part of workplace health promotion.

We combine the know-how from 20 years of competitive sports with physiotherapeutic, training- therapeutic, and sport-scientific knowledge for one overriding goal: to improve health and satisfaction in your company!

Together we would like to work on the following goals:

  • Early detection of physical problems
  • Healthy behaviour: Raising awareness and creation of supportive resources
  • Independence and responsibility towards one's own body
  • Psychosocial health through conscious movement
  • Getting to know suitable measures to find the optimal amount of exercise, supported by know-how from training science and competitive sport.
  • Getting to know and optimizing of regenerative measures - Improving physical resilience
  • Reducing work-related physical problems
  • Reduction of sick leave


Thorough tests – ascertainment of the ACTUAL status with individual target definition.

Our physiotherapist analyses imbalances as well as incorrect stresses in the musculoskeletal area. This results in individually tailored tips and exercise variations for your employees to promote their well-being!

Besides the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system is another important pillar for our physical, but also for our mental well-being as it is the engine that powers us day after day.

We test, explain, and answer the question of why it makes sense to train in the right heart rate range in recreational and health sports.

"If the effect of sport could be a pill, it would undoubtedly be the pill of the century." Wildor Hollmann


In addition to the status survey, accompanied group training sessions form an important cornerstone for introducing employees to sustainable health-promoting measures. Through exercise sessions in the areas of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular training over a defined period of time, they develop regular healthy habits.

* Of course, the contents can be adapted to the needs of the staff, the conditions on site, etc...

Managers' Programme

The negative effects of excessive stress on body and mind are widely known. Properly dosed endurance training in the socalled basic range has been proven to have a regulating and stressreducing effect.

In addition to the physiotherapeutic services (see above), we would like to offer managers the opportunity to assess their stress level by measuring heart rate variability and to determine the training range for basic endurance by means of a submaximal test on the bicycle ergometer.

This way we can give you more specific tips with respect to regulating and beneficial endurance training!


Professionals for every area

Dominik Landertinger


Martin Kulaita


Katharina Mikula

Sports scientist


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